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Travel to Mongolia

Welcome to the Land of Ghengis Khan…and Fermented Mare’s Milk

Whether you’re careening along the treacherous potholed roads of the country side in search of Genghis Khan’s burial site, or laying under the desert sky of the vast expanse called The Gobi or sitting in a traditional yurt drinking salt tea and exchanging yarns with your newfound Mongolian friends, Mongolia has something for you!

Democracy, free market enterprise, and Christianity have taken root in this ancient land and is not letting go.

Catch the Spirit if you can. Don’t let these moments in history pass you by.

What’s it Like?

Mongolia is often mistakenly called Outer Mongolia. There is an Inner Mongolia within the country of China. The ‘Outer’ is used to distinguish the two. And in English, going to Outer Mongolia is about the farthest you could possibly go. Yes, that is true.

They’ve got the Gobi desert (Gobi means desert in Mongolian). They’ve got below zero weather in the Winter. They have all kinds of freedoms now. And they have a free market economy I am told is working well.

When we were there, the nation was scrambling just to find food. Mongolia was an unofficial satellite of the Soviet Union. Communism had done a lot to zap motivation and ingenuity from its people. However, there is a new breed that has embraced freedom and isn’t letting go. The economy seems to be thriving. Even the Christian Church seems to be on the move.

Take a trip there. It’s worth every penny you’d spend.

From the City of Ulan Bator….

In a country where there are 25 times more cattle than people, Ulan Bator (meaning Red Hero) has a population 500,000 people. Five hundred thousand energetic, ambitious and hospitable people.

The city is divided between the wealthy who live in fairly nice housing on the outskirts of the city to the city dweller trying to eke out an existence in his 2 room apartment.

They each have stories to tell. Young and old alike, they have stories to tell.

To the Mysterious Gobi Desert …

Explore the vastness of a wide open sky above your head and crunchy snow covered sand under your feet in mid-February. A star soars across the sky and you shiver at the slight breeze that has just brushed your face. It’s the Gobi Desert. Hot in the summer; cold in the winter. And every adventurer’s romantic view of the Gobi Desert.

And Did I Happen to Mention Adventure?

Mongolian Throat Singing

As always, don’t try this at home if you don’t know how it’s done. It can really hurt your voice

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