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Multifunction Brushcutters – the Great Ally for the Maintenance of Your Garden

Multifunction brushcutters are machines used in landscaping work to cut grassland at ground level.  They are also used to go into corners and edges where a lawnmower cannot reach.

Likewise, if we use the use of gasoline or electric hedge trimmers, we will have the right tools to make our garden always look perfect.

There is a type of multifunction brush cutters that are coupled, driven and dragged by a tractor. These ones are for agricultural or industrial use and are used to cut, press and crush the herbs, plants and branches that grow in the field. They are better for those who aim to achieve more uniform terrain. The cutting units are installed below the tractor between the front and rear wheels, or at the rear with a three-point hitch.

The current multifunction brushcutters with gasoline engines not only can  easily remove small bushes from the garden but also have a cutting disc, hedge trimmers and pruning saw, all in a single tool.

Petrol and electric hedge trimmers, another essential

Timbertech hedge trimmers

Electric or gasoline hedge trimmers are also a gardening tool used to cut hedges that serve as fences or walls.

These two tools are the ones that replace the traditional manual herb cutters such as the scythe or sickle, now with motorized adjustments so that jobs can be done faster, with less effort than manual systems and with better results.

Available in several versions and models, both electric and petrol or by accumulator that gives you extra mobility, multifunction brushcutters and hedge trimmers that help prune and profile, convince by their comfortable equipment details, their power, their excellent performance cutting with adjustable precision blades and the essential safety protections.

Electrical equipment is usually lighter, some designed with an anti-vibration system, for less human effort, make less noise to be used in areas near homes, hospitals and schools, and are also less polluting.

Both for individuals and for gardening professionals, these garden and agriculture tools are the perfect allies for the care of parks and gardens, they are also the best tools for places where the use of a manual cutter is impractical or inexpensive.

In short, state-of-the-art instruments for working in any garden: for cutting normal, thick, tall or robust hedges.

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