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How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

Your first day as husband and wife… After all the stress that a wedding can create, it is essential that your honeymoon allow for relaxation, romance and fun. Your honeymoon should be stress free, from the beginning to the end. Your honeymoon is not an afterthought, it’s the beginning of our new life together.

For some, planning your wedding comes secondary to planning your honeymoon. It is a very exciting time for the bride and groom, but with all the wedding costs unfortunately the honeymoon can turn into a stressful planning nightmare.

I am here to help keep that from happening. I am going to give you some great honeymoon planning tips and even some ideas on honeymoon destinations. I am sure you will find these useful in helping to alleviate the stress that can come with planning a honeymoon.

Planning A Wedding Is Difficult Enough…

Here I have put together a list of things you need to remember in order to have the honeymoon you’ve been dreaming about.

  • Go on a honeymoon. Not everyone can afford a 2 week vacation to Europe and nobody said that’s what you’re honeymoon had to be. Even if there’s only one day you and your new spouse can take away from everything, then you take it. You need the romantic time alone to start off your life together.
  • Plan ahead. Waiting until the last minute can leave you paying higher prices or not being able to get what you want. Chances are that if you’re looking at a specific destination spot, about 5 others are too.
  • Budget yourself. There’s no use in starting out your lives together in debt because of a honeymoon. If all you can afford is one night then don’t push it for 5. Many places will actually work with your budget if you tell them it’s your honeymoon.
  • Plan the honeymoon together. Most men would like to leave that part up to the woman saying, “If she’s happy, I’m happy”. However, not all men are that way. Be sure you do include each others opinions while planning out the honeymoon. This will ensure that the trip is enjoyable for both of you.
  • Consider a honeymoon registry. This works similarly to a wedding registry, except it’s for your honeymoon. If you have a lot of the household appliances you need then consider doing a honeymoon registry. All you need to do is send a little card out with the invitations explaining how and where people can contribute to your honeymoon. This may relieve some of the financial burden of the honeymoon, if not pay for it completely
  • Ask around. If you’re not sure where to go on a honeymoon then ask people who have gone on honeymoons. You can come up with some good ideas and have good input on what to do. You may have found a place that you think would be great but someone who has visited the area will be able to tell you how great (or not so great) it is and give ideas on what you could do while there.
  • Travel during low/off season. Not only will there be less people vacationing at this time but you’ll save money too! Also consider the time you’re going and check to make sure it’s not “off season” for a reason
  • Do your research. Be sure you know about how the weather will be when you’re arriving. That beautiful island isn’t so beautiful during hurricane season. Also if you’re going somewhere with a different cultural background than you have be sure you know, and respect, their customs. Sometimes places are so strict about their customs that breaking one is against the law and you could be sentenced to jail time
  • Wedding night arrangements. Sometimes you don’t actually leave for your honeymoon until a couple of days after the wedding. Be sure you know where you are staying for the first night. It is a special night since this is the first night you will stay together as husband and wife, forgetting this can cause unnecessary stress
  • Wake up in time. If you’re leaving to go on your honeymoon in a plane then be sure you’re at the airport at least an hour before your plane takes off. You may think an earlier flight is the best way to go but if you aren’t going to be there in time then a later flight is better. Missing your flight puts a damper on your honeymoon plans. Be sure you are at the airport in time to get through all security checkpoints, checking your luggage, and finding your terminal
  • Leaving the country? Be sure you have your passport and it’s up-to-date. Not being on time for your flight is bad enough but not being able to board the plane because of your passport would be even worse. Don’t put the passport off until the last minute. It can take up to 2 months to get your passport and the same amount of time to renew one.
  • Be proactive about packing. Be sure you pack all necessary items and amounts of clothing. Be sure to pack for your honeymoon a few days in advance. Waiting until the last minute for packing can result in your leaving something behind that is needed. Make a packing list to be sure you have what all is needed. Remember not to over pack, or under pack. Take into account how many days you will be there and make sure you have enough clothing to cover the days. Also be sure to save some room in your bags for those souvenirs you’re going to want to buy and bring home
  • Bring enough supplies. Take into account the monetary exchange. Be sure you have enough money, Travelers Checks and some places will still except credit cards. Be sure you have some way to pay for things. Don’t forget film or extra memory for your camera. Running out will leave you with having to delete pictures or missing out on photo ops that you will really want pictures of. If your electric toothbrush or camera needs batteries don’t forget those either. You might wind up paying a higher price for these items at vacation destinations than you would in your small town that nobody visits
  • Sunscreen. You may think you don’t need sunscreen but if you’re going to be outside in the sun then put some on! You’re going to get more sun in the Bahamas than you will if you are in Alaska and the UV rays can be more damaging in that case. You don’t want sunburn on your honeymoon, just put on the sunscreen
  • Activities vs. Alone Time. Don’t have every second of your honeymoon planned out. Allow time to relax and enjoy one anothers company. Be spontaneous. Also, don’t spend every second together. It is your honeymoon but while the female gets a massage the male can go play golf. This will allow you time to yourself and time to miss the other. Spending every second together won’t give you much to talk about over dinner.

How To Create A Honeymoon Wedding Registry

Honeymoon wedding registries are similar to regular wedding registries. However, instead of receiving traditional wedding gifts like housewares, linen, and home items, a honeymoon wedding registry gives the bride and groom all or part of their honeymoon.

One of the most often asked questions about a honeymoon wedding registry is whether or not it is considered within the boundaries of wedding etiquette. Most wedding experts agree that because the honeymoon is a gift that will create wonderful memories for the newlywed couple, honeymoon wedding registries are a nice alternative to traditional wedding registries.

Additionally, honeymoon wedding registries are an excellent option for couples who are already established in their home, or who lived together prior to getting married.

  • Choose a honeymoon wedding registry: Because of the popularity of the honeymoon wedding registry, there are several options for brides and grooms to choose from. Most honeymoon wedding registries will take a cut, or “fee,” from the registry fund. While there are one or two honeymoon registries that are “free,” they often require guests to register for an account or for additional services. This alone can make a honeymoon wedding registry inconvenient for your guests. Sign up for the honeymoon wedding registry. Most accounts take less than 5 minutes to create.
  • Choose honeymoon registry gifts: Decide as a couple what gifts you would like for your honeymoon wedding registry. Some examples include airline tickets, massages in the hotel spa, a romantic dinner for two, or snorkeling on your honeymoon in the Caribbean. Guests will visit the site, and they can choose to pay for all or part of one of the honeymoon wedding registry items.

Tips and Warnings

Look for a honeymoon wedding registry that is registered with the Better Business Bureau or a site that partners with reputable organizations.

Avoid free honeymoon registry sites. They often require guests to register for an account or pay additional processing fees. Both are considered tacky when someone is giving a wedding gift.

Honeymoon Tips

If you have friends and family that have traveled to be with you, you may want to defer your honeymoon until a few days after the wedding. This will give you a chance to spend some time with them. After all, they have traveled to see you.

Pack your bags a couple of weeks before the wedding while you are calm and collected and have time to double check on all requirements, including documentation if traveling overseas.

Remember to take along your marriage certificate or other proof of marriage, especially if the bride’s name will be different on passports and IDs than on reservation logs.

Mention to anyone who will listen that you’re on your honeymoon; you may get special deals, free drinks or other wonderful surprises

Honeymoons are oftentimes once in a lifetime trips. So do a little research and make sure that the place you pick is a good fit for both of you.

Prepare Ahead Of Time

Make a checklist of things you need to do before your trip. Research the laws of the country to where you will be traveling and see what rules are different. It’s a good idea to check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find out what types of immunizations are recommended for Americans at that specific destination.

And remember, if you don’t have a passport or need to renew, allow ample time for processing. If you’re changing your name after your wedding, make sure that the name on your travel documents matches what is on your passport so that you don’t experience any delays through security and customs.

  • Get medical and travel assistance services. No one plans on getting sick or having other problems on their honeymoon, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind to know that if something happens, you’re covered? That’s why it’s important to get medical and travel assistance. Your health insurance might not cover you while you travel.
  • Pack the right stuff. Sure you want to look great for your spouse, but sometimes looking chic and dressing appropriately for the location you’re visiting might not be the same thing. Research what tourists usually wear at your chosen location. If you’re traveling internationally, different cultures might have different expectations. Also remember that extreme weather, hot and cold, requires different types of clothing, so pack accordingly and you won’t have to buy something at an exorbitant price when you get there

Think Outside Of The Box

When thinking of honeymoons it would be safe to assume that a vast majority of people think tropical island, this however is not the be all and end all of honeymoon ideas. There are so many possibilities that aren’t even remotely close to a beach that will still provide you with a romantic honeymoon. You just have to think outside of the box.

Your honeymoon will be your first holiday as husband and wife. Plan your honeymoon early, you will get better deals and it will free up your time for wedding planning. Talk to a travel agent, it’s their job to know all the best holiday spots and be full of great advice, ideas and travel tips.

These planning tips should help you have the honeymoon of your dreams. If something does go wrong, remember to work through it and enjoy the time you have together. After all, it’s one of the most important and special vacations you’ll ever take.


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