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How to Get from Vienna to Prague – Bus vs. Train vs. Flying

Vienna and Prague are among the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe. They are very close to one another and many people visit both cities as part of one vacation or trip. This article provides a basic overview of the options you have for transportation between Vienna and Prague. For most people, there are basically 3 options: bus, train, or flying. Let’s have a closer look at each.

The Distance between Vienna and Prague

Vienna and Prague, the capitals of two neighbouring countries (Austria and the Czech Republic) are only 250 km air distance apart and about 300 km on road or rail.


Flying from Vienna to Prague

The first that comes to mind (especially for non-European visitors) is flying. The main airport in Vienna is Vienna International Airport (VIE) in Schwechat, a smaller city several kilometres to the east from Vienna. The main airport in Prague is Prague International Airport (PRG) in Ruzyne just off the north-western border of the city.

Compared to other alternatives (namely train or bus), flying is not the best kind of transport between Vienna and Prague, because the time advantage is negligible (given the proximity of the two cities – and after including airport transfers and all the airport procedures) and the price is several times higher. At present (autumn 2012), there are no low cost airlines operating flights between Vienna and Prague.

Train from Vienna to Prague

The train travel from Vienna to Prague takes usually about 4.5 to 5 hours.

In Vienna the trains to Prague depart from Westbahnhof Train Station and also stop at Meidling Train Station. There are also trains departing from Praterstern Train Station. Some trains also stop at other train stations like S├╝dbahnhof or Simmering. This rather complicated mix of departure places will most likely change when the new Vienna Main Train Station is completed.

In Prague, all trains from Vienna arrive at Prague Main Train Station (Hlavni Nadrazi).

Prices vary, depending on the particular train you take and where you buy the ticket. Typical price for a one-way ticket from Vienna to Prague is about EUR 30-40. With some discounts you can get as low as EUR 20 one-way.

Bus from Vienna to Prague

For many people, bus is the best way to travel between Vienna and Prague. There are several pairs of buses every day and the travel time ranges from 4 to 5 hours (a little shorter or similar to train).

Typical one-way ticket price is about EUR 15-25. With discounts (especially so called “promo” ticket when booking early with Eurolines), you can get as low as EUR 9 or CZK 190.

Eurolines buses depart from the main international bus station Erdberg in Vienna. In Prague they arrive at Florenc Central Bus Station.

Here you can see current schedules, prices, discounts, and other information and tips about buses from Vienna to Prague (and book bus tickets).

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