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Home Aquaponics Kits – Farm in a Box

Aquaponics hit the big time recently when “Farm in a Box” by Earth Solutions was featured by Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, and the LA Times.

What’s Included?

These home aquaponics systems are produced by Earth Solutions and come complete with hoses, pump, timer, grow beds, frame, and instructions. You need to add gravel, water, as well as the plants and fish. Some models include a wooden, plastic-lined fish tank, while other models leave space for a tank that you procure yourself. Many of these models come unfinished and may need paint or stain.

Featured Model

The system that was featured in the news was the smallest model, called the Little Tokyo. You can find it online both at Earth Solutions and at Home Depot. (It’s cheaper from Home Depot.)

Other Models (see Details Below)

There are several other models from Earth Solutions as well, and most of them are also great for indoors or patio use. I especially like the Grand Cayman model because it’s big enough to raise edible fish while still small enough for indoor/patio use. Earth Solutions has done a great job in making these systems compact and decorative.

Ways to Save Money

There are several ways to save money on these systems.

  1. You can buy the Little Tokyo (featured model) from Home Depot for $40-$60 less than from Earth Solutions directly.
  2. You can also get a 5% discount from Earth Solutions on any model you buy. Earth Solutions will email you a discount code for 5% off any one purchase if you sign up for their newsletter. Look for the sign up box at the bottom of their website.
  3. Earth Solutions recently began selling aquaponics supplies in addition to their kits. If you’re the DIY type, check out their supplies for aquaponics. You may be able to save a bundle by doing it yourself and buying only the parts that you need. Their Farm in a Barrel (barrel ponics) instructions are only $15.

Specs of the Different Models

Here’s a brief rundown of the specs on each model. (Pics are farther down this page.)

  • Little Tokyo
    • $249 from Home Depot, $289 (without tank) from Earth Solutions
    • 10-gallon fish tank, 12×20″ grow bed
    • Edible fish? — No.
  • Sydney
    • $469
    • 20-gal, 27-gal, or 29-gal fish tank (not included); 12×32″ grow bed
    • Edible fish? — Possible (depends on size of fish tank)
  • Charleston
    • $499
    • 20-gallon fish tank (included), 12×32″ grow bed
    • Edible fish? — No.
  • Grand Cayman
    • $589 — Best Indoor/Patio Model
    • 30-gal, 38-gal, or 45-gal fish tank (not included); 14×42″ grow bed
    • Edible fish? — Yes.
  • San Antonio
    • $679
    • 35-gallon fish tank (included), 14×42″ grow bed
    • Edible fish? — Yes.
  • Mendocino
    • $2000 — Outdoor Model
    • 100-gallon fish tank (included), 3×5 ft. deep water culture bed
    • Edible fish? — Yes!
  • Phoenix
    • $2995 — The Original Farm in a Box Outdoor Model
    • 100-gallon fish tank (included), Two 3×5 ft deep water culture beds
    • Edible fish? — Yes!
  • Atlantis
    • $3000 — Serious Outdoor Model
    • 200-gallon fish tank (included), Three 3×5 ft deep water culture beds
    • Edible fish? — Yes!
  • Farm in a Barrel
    • $15-$95 — Do It Yourself
    • Needs two 55-gallon plastic barrels (not included).
    • Instructions cost $15.
    • Tubing, valves, and pump cost $40.
    • Timer costs $15.
    • Heater costs $25.

Of course, these are not the only home aquaponics kits available today, but they are some of the best I’ve seen so far for saving space and for indoor use. They’re also downright cute (see photos below). I’ll post reviews of other systems as time goes by. Check back often for more info.

Aquaponics eBook

EasyAquaponicDIY < —  

This ebook will give your organic garden an amazing boost in productivity. But how do you set up your own aquaponics system? There’s an ebook that tells you how. This video gives a brief intro to the concept of aquaponics.

First Aquaponics System at Vancouver Island University

This video gives a really good walkthrough of an aquaponics system set up by the students at Vancouver Island University (VIU). VIU is one of the few universities right now that has an aquaponics segment as part of its curriculum. Their videos are really informative.

How to Build a Basic Aquaponics System

This is a video by John Stivers about his own homemade aquaponics system. He shows the system from startup materials to ripe fruit a couple of months later.

What To Get

  • Farm in a Barrel: Available Online from Earth Systems for $15 – $95 ($15 for Instructions, $40 – $80 for Hardware). Earth Solutions also offers a simple do-it-yourself model called Farm in a Barrel. It’s basically a set of instructions for how to build your own system using two 55-gallon plastic barrels (that you find and buy yourself). This type of aquaponics is often called barrel ponics. The instructions cost $15. You can also buy the pump and valves from Earth Solutions for an additional $40, timer for $15, and heater for $25, bringing the total to $95.
  • Little Tokyo: Available Online from Earth Solutions and Home Depot for $289/$249. The Little Tokyo is the smallest model. It has a 10-gallon glass fish tank on the bottom for decorative fish and a 12″x20″ plant bed on top. It’s ideal for home, office, or classroom. This model sells for $249 online from Home Depot and for $289 online from Earth Solutions.
  • Charleston: Available Online from Earth Solutions for $499. The next larger model is the Charleston. It includes a 20-gallon fish tank and a 12″x32″ plant bed. It is good for goldfish, small perch, minnows, or tropical fish, but is still too small for edible fish. You can only find it at Earth Solutions online. Cost is $499.
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