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Getting Started With Woodworking

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for new hobbies, and a woodwork project sounds like just the thing to keep you busy and express your creativity. There are just a few important steps that you need to take in order to have a real success on your first woodwork project. Novice woodworkers should take a little time and learn about what tools and supplies they need, how to care for them and how to follow a set of plans.

Start With the Basics

Making the decision to start your woodwork project is easy, and so are the first few steps. Easy stuff like finding a space to work in and choosing quality woodworking hand tools. Start off with the basics, which include hammers, sandpaper, a tape measure, chisels, chalk, framing squares and carpenter’s pencils. Don’t worry too much about power tools yet. They are fun, but for your first woodwork project you shouldn’t need much more than a power saw.

Choosing a Project

After you have chosen a space and assembled some basic tools, the most important next step is choosing your woodwork project. A good set of plans will save you time, frustration and money, and will prove indispensable throughout the whole process. They will guide you from material selection to the finishing touches (like the finish) and make you look like you knew what you were doing the whole time. Your woodwork project will be a thing of beauty, and you will be known as the “handy” one.

What is Missing from your Workshop?

Take a moment to picture your workshop. Maybe it is a room in your basement, or a corner of your garage. A lingering smell of sawdust is a reminder of projects past and of those yet to come. You’ve got your chisels and planes, routers and saws all in their place, and waiting for action. What is missing from the picture? A plan of action, the blueprint for your next project, a quality woodwork pattern.

What do You need Woodwork Patterns For?

Woodwork patterns have been around since the dawn of time (the first documented evidence of a workbench goes back to the Roman Empire). Why? Because time and time again it has been proven that having a plan for your project gives you the best chance of completing it (and having it resemble what you intended to create). Quality woodwork patterns will not only save you time and frustration, but will save you money on raw materials as well.

The Anatomy of Woodwork Patterns

So what exactly is in quality woodwork pattern? How about step-by-step instructions, photos and diagrams to make every project laughably easy? With the right woodwork pattern your skill level doesn’t matter, because everything is laid out to make you (and your project) look good.

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