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Get Started Easily With Your Next Wood Turning Project

Choosing the right lathe working tools for wood turning is important! But what exactly is woodturning?

Woodturning is an experience you can totally enjoy. It can definitely be a rewarding and an addictive experience as well. It is fulfilling in a sense that you have a finished product afterwards, or you can even do this for repairing your damaged furniture parts. The pleasure of making or repairing your own wood turned products is definitely yours to have. You did not just save a lot of money; you also gained experience and a new learning as well.

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The Importance of the Woodturning Lathe Working Tools:

One important thing you have to provide so that woodturning becomes possible is a lathe. Lathes have become more trendy as years passed by. Many people have discovered woodturning lathe working tools that are more convenient and can absolutely provide high quality of finished product.

However, in trying to search for a woodturning lathe, you have to be very careful in selecting one and always choose the best lathe. Some of them might be overlooked and can give you frustration later. If the price might be too expensive for you, take it easy because you can still sell it later as a second hand.

There are Different Sizes:

Lathe working tools, especially the ones manufactured today, come in various different sizes, from small pen lathes up to huge machines that turn bowls. They have been purposely designated in accordance to the greatest diameter of the material that is allowed to be swung over the top part of the bed. A lathe that is very much capable of turning a disk that has a diameter of eleven inches, is referred to as an 11-inch lathe.

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The other dimensions that must be taken in to account are those with a center measurement. This determines the number that showcases the maximum length of the material needed, which, in turn, can be mounted in between the headstock and tailstock. Parts of a lathe may or may not include a leg or a stand. It functions as an elevator of the lathe working tools bed to your desired working height.

Parts of the Woodturning Lathe:

Almost all types of lathes have a bed. One end of the bed is called the headstock. It contains high-precision spinning bearings. Further, headstock often contains parts to enable conversion of the motor speed into variety of spindle speeds. Another part is called the tailstock. It can be positioned at any part of the bed and therefore, it is usually referred to as the loose head. It has a barrel that slides in and out parallel to the axis of the bed, and directly in line with the headstock spindle.

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In a metalworking lathe, a carriage with a saddle and apron is topped with a cross-slide. A cross-slide is a flat piece that is situated crosswise on the bed. Unlike a metalworking lathe, woodturning lathe working tools do not have a cross-slide, but banjos. Same as cross-slide, banjos are placed crosswise on the bed. However, its position can be adjusted manually.

Types of Woodturning Lathes

Beginners Lathe (Mini Lathe): This type of lathe is actually one of the world’s most famous choices for most beginners. It can be fitted in a limited space and can also be extended later if you desired to. One consideration you have to think before selecting your first wood turning lathe is the cast iron bed and cast iron headstock and tailstock.

It should have a minimum of four speeds with the lowest being 500rpm or lower, and the highest being 2000rpm or higher. Lathe working tools are better without those light sheet metal construction and those with spindle bearing at one end only.

  • Floor lathe: This is a heavy duty lathe, floor mounted, bed is more rigid than any lighter models, and this is a machine for serious and advanced wood turners.
  • CNC lathe working tools: This type of lathe is usually used by industrial user rather than the beginners or for the hobbyist. Though it has the disadvantage of programming it really hard, this lathe is able to produce complicated designs.
  • Pen lathe: Small specialized lathe, usually limited to maximum 2″ swing, ideal for pen turning, or turning dollhouse objects, just like cups, pots, columns, plates, and vases. It can also be used for prototypes for railroad pieces (including power or sign posts) and doll or marionette limbs. Thousands of classical model building items may be turned with ease. Note that you will also need specialist accessory tools to match.

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Additional Equipment:

Some of the additional pieces of equipment you have to prepare are sharpening equipment, set of tools such as skew chisel, spear chisel, round nose chisel, parting chisel and gouge, abrasives and safety equipment. So get your lathe working tools ready for some wood turning.

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