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Garden Themed Bedroom On A Budget

Need some fresh and cool ideas for decorating your bedroom? With so many possible themes and concepts, now you can create the bedroom of your dreams. Making a bedroom appear appealing and inviting is not difficult as nowadays many bedroom decor themes are available to transform a bedroom into a soothing and calming space.

No doubt, garden theme has become one of the most popular bedroom themes. The theme adds a soft, romantic touch to the space while bringing beauty of nature indoors. It will never go out of style and will suit any budget and complement any decor. Try these easy and affordable ideas for decorating your bedroom in a garden theme.

  • Room Color: Garden themed bedroom never fails to impress visitors. Green is the ultimate color of nature so it should be used effectively when decorating an indoor space. You can also use yellow, lavender, pink, brown or some floral hues to create an informal, relaxed feel.
  • Wall Decor: Use of flower, plant or outdoor scene wall art can make a room feel cute yet playful. Opt for colorful garden wall stickers with images of leaves, florals, birds, butterflies and cute creatures to transform your walls into stylish wall displays.
  • Focus On Your Bed: Let your imagination run wild with a garden theme. Go for lively garden-themed bedding and accessories that coordinate with color scheme of room. You can use floral bed linens, ruffle throw pillows, blankets with flowers and other essentials to create right style for your bedroom.
  • Flowers & Plants: The most common way to bring nature indoors is through use of fresh flowers and plants. Hanging pots and flower vases will add to garden theme while enhancing natural beauty of your bedroom. You can also select an indoor fountain to bring soothing sound of running water inside.
  • Other Decorations: Create a beautiful setting for your bedroom with roman shades, sheer floral curtains, patterned rugs, furniture pieces made from natural materials etc. to give a natural look. In addition, don’t forget to use light fixtures to add a dose of drama and elegance to your space. Make sure they go along with your theme.

The key is to keep everything light and flowery. For a perfect whimsical garden themed room, incorporate a wide variety of items in floral prints. Don’t hesitate to mix and match various patterns and fabrics to give your room an effortlessly charming look.

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