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French Easel – The Perfect Artist Easel

Why a French Easel?

If you love to paint or draw, especially outdoors and would like all your painting supplies in one spot then consider a French easel.

A French easel is made from wood and is a stand-alone unit that when set up, has a great area to store all of your supplies and brushes, it then folds away with everything inside which makes it easy to carry.

This saves having to carry separate supply cases which can be a huge pain when practicing your art outdoors or on a hike.

Jullian French Easel

This painting easel is the creme de la creme! It is crafted in beech and mahogany and has brass plated hardware, hidden spikes in legs for setting up outdoors (helps to stabilize it) and the drawers are metal lined.

It also has a locking system for keeping your supplies safe.

This set also includes a wooden pallet ready for your artistic endeavors. These painting easels fold up to make carrying them easy, and the Jullian comes with its own carrying case.

Mabef French Easel

This artist easel has been created from lightweight beech wood and geared for the backpacker. It folds easily and has leather handles and a strap for slinging over your shoulder or attaching to a backpack.

The drawer is tin lined giving you a secure place to store your artist supplies, along with a foldable pallet.

Heritage French Easel

This is artist easel is created from oiled elm wood and one of its best features is a divided sketch box drawer and a pallet drawer. It is easy to setup and easy to fold away into a lightweight pack that you can take and set up anywhere.

Perfect for art classes or painting anywhere.

Artists Brushes for Painters Easel

If you are getting an artist easel for a gift for someone or even for yourself, you can pair it up with a good set of artist brushes, these have long wooden handles and are in a canvas case which makes them perfect for storing in your French easel.

Canvas Panels 8 x 10 Inch

To complete the gift or package you could include a package of canvas panels which can fit in your French easel drawer and have everything you need to head out and find a subject to paint.

French Easel with Stool and Backpack Combo

Every artist has their style and way of painting even outdoors, but if you prefer to sit rather than stand at your easel then you will need a chair. This painters easel comes with a comfortable stool and everything folds up compactly into the canvas backpack which is included.

This way you can paint in comfort no matter where you are. Can be easily carried or kept in the car ready for that perfect scene to paint. If you love to paint then why settle for a simple easel when you can get a French Easel with everything all together.

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