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Essential tools for woodworking you definitely need

Are you preparing your own workshop at home and do not know what tools will be needed to make your creations? Are you mainly going to work with wood and would like to know if you have the most important material? Today we want to show you what are essential tools for woodworking and that you prepare the work space optimally for your next projects.

Bench Vice

Working with wood means having to handle and cut wood planks, and for that, nothing  works better than a vise. It is anchored to the main table where you work and perfectly holds these tables for later cutting. For smaller things it is also advisable to have a cutter support that helps us support tiny pieces and cut them through a guide.


For the same utility as rasps and files, the brush helps in the workshop to smooth the wooden surfaces that are flat. Very useful if we are going to carry out projects with old furniture or using large wooden planks.


For the latter there is a substitute so easy and convenient to use that it is another essential in a workshop, the drill. You will find in the market different models according to the type of material to work with, the power, the thickness of the drill…

Circular saw

And as a substitute, or complement for the handsaw and for those who are going to cut large wooden surfaces, There is nothing better than having a circular saw. You can have two types of teeth, straight pointed or inclined. Its cuts are precise, allow up to an angle of 45 degrees and is used for both wood and other materials such as plastic or metal.

Hammer, pliers and screwdriver

Although working with wood you can rely on to the adhesive, either glue or silicone, there is nothing more effective as nails and screws. To be able to put them on and remove them , you must have three small tools: a hammer to nail, pliers to remove them and a screwdriver to put and remove screws.

Marquetry electric saw

It replaces the manual marquetry saw, but instead of the saw, what we will move here will be the table we want to cut, consequently, saving in effort and the greater precision that entails.

There are  a wide variety of tools for wood. You can choose between different brands of prestige MAKITA, BUILDER, FEMI, etc. There are also  a large team of professionals at the stores who will help you choose what you need at all times.

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