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Design You Dream Bathroom Easily

When you transform an outdated bathroom into a modern bath, you want to know that you have the right formula for success. While choosing a theme is subjective, there are certain upgrades in a bathroom remodel that simply must be included.

This adds value to your project, and gives you peace of mind regarding your hard work and expense. Whether you are working on a master bathroom or guest bathroom, there are five innovative must haves for a bathroom remodel today.

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5 Things You Need For Your Bathroom Remodel Project

  1. Bathtub or shower stall should be the room’s focal point. Instead of drawing all of the attention to the vanity area, the modern and trendy bathroom makes the bathtub or shower stall the focal point in the room. You can do this by adding a great source of natural lighting, such as a skylight directly above or a frosted window. Candles, live plants, and mood lighting are also common additions to this space, in order to create the wow factor that most homeowners are going for.
  2. A great vanity is critical, but it should not be the room’s main focal point. No one wants a boring vanity with no storage capacity or counter space, and beautiful is better than traditional for the modern bathroom remodel. Consider marble, slate, granite, or similar faux material to create something stylish and durable. There should be someplace convenient to store things nearby, such as a place for toothpaste, hand soap, extra toilet paper, bath linens, medicines, and more.
  3. The toilet area should give some privacy to the person using it, but it does not have to be an eyesore in the room.  A simple wall that is about the height of an adult’s shoulder, or a small niche in the bathroom, is perfect for the toilet area. Wall-mounted toilets are very trendy, since they are much easier to keep clean and are compatible with small bathrooms. Elongated bowls are comfortable, especially with great amenities like a self-warming seat.
  4. There are dozens of hot amenities that are perfect for a bathroom remodel if you are going for the modern approach. This may include a floor with a warming option, which is perfect for the winter months if you live somewhere that sees extremely cold temperatures. Mirrors that double as storage space are also fashionable, especially if lighting is also included in the package. These can be found at a variety of home improvement retailers nationwide.
  5. Eco-friendly ideas are best for the Earth, and can save you thousands during the course of their lifetimes. Sometimes, the more eco-friendly ideas cost a bit more in the beginning, but it is often well worth the investment for the money you will save in the long run on your utilities. A toilet with a low-flush tank is a great example, using much less water for each flush and saving you hundreds every year on your water bill. Some come with optional flush handles for fecal matter versus liquid waste, so that you can opt to use a little more water to deal with solid waste than you would need for liquid waste.

Bathroom Ideas


Bathroom Remodeling Plan

With these five bathroom remodeling ideas you are ready to move on to the next step, planning! You should know which parts to be upgraded and which should be completely altered. Sometimes taps and showers are to be changed, new lights are to be added and tiles may be renewed and walls require painting also.

  • Plan a budget – If you plan to remodel or upgrade your bathroom, first you should prepare a budget. You should try to do everything within the limit of your budget. If you don’t plan before the works start, you will not get an idea about the money you spend and you will not be able to control your expenditure. You can use your own skills to do many simple works; this will save your money.
  • Have a theme – This may be a topic theme (e.g. beach or spa) which is mostly carried out in decorative items and surface finishes, but you can also have a theme that’s carried out more subtly in the shapes and directions of your fixtures and permanent decorations. A rounded theme may be carried out by a curved-edge tub, rounded sink, curved shower rail, curved or rounded ends to towel rails, and curved backsplash edges, for example. A diagonal theme might show up as diagonally laid floor and/or wall tile, wallcovering with a diagonal motif or stripes, and diagonal patterned fabric.
  • Add new paint to the walls – The important thing in renovating your bathroom is painting it. Since walls get spoiled easily, you cannot avoid painting them. This time you can try a new color on the walls which gives a beautiful look. Always try to avoid contrast colors but using thin shades will make it gorgeous. Also use paints that give a peaceful atmosphere there. The color of your walls should match with the color of various components.
  • Don’t be afraid to use COLOR – It makes sense for your fixtures and tile to be white or neutral, so they don’t date (pink tub, anyone?), but that means you have plenty of scope to use color elsewhere. In a small bathroom, painting the walls takes little time and less paint, so you can experiment and it’s no big deal to paint over it if you hate it. The door is also a good opportunity for a burst of color. Accessories are even easier to use for color themes.
  • Consider a monochromatic color scheme – If everything in the background is white, the colored towels and shower curtain make even more of a statement – and you can change colors every so often quite easily.
  • Try Out Expensive or Labor-Intensive Finishes – In a small area you can use labor-intensive paint finishes that might take too long in a larger room, or expensive wall-covering, or beaded board, or paneling, or anything else which you’d like to try out on a small scale. Just make sure what you choose is, or can be made, water resistant.
  • Installing bath hardware – Depending on the space available, you can add extra accessories in your bathroom. If you have planned to upgrade, then adding some extra hardware is necessary. You can install faucets, towel racks, or new bath tubs in it. A variety of taps and showers are available in the market. You can choose them depending on your budget. Faucets and light fixtures are not much costly these days; therefore you don’t have to negotiate with the quality of these items.
  • Focus on Storage – Most small bathroom designs have a hard time squeezing in enough storage. Consider high storage: a shelf 1ft below ceiling hight along one entire wall will hold a lot of towels and they’ll look decorative too. Don’t do what a previous owner of my house did though, and install cabinets so low over the tub that they make it impossible for anyone taller than 5 feet to stand up and take a shower!
  • In-the wall storage is also a possibility: if you have some wall space in an internal wall that doesn’t have plumbing or wiring in it, but you can’t have anything there that sticks out into the room very far, recessing a cabinet into the wall between the studs may be an option. Not just medicine cabinets, either: a tall cabinet works just as well and can hold a lot.
  • A new cabinet set – If you have not bought a cabinet set for your bathroom before, now it is the time for that. Cabinet sets are available at various rates based on the size, features and quality. Nowadays cabinets are part of all modern bathrooms, so you cannot neglect them during renovation. Wooden cabinets always have an alluring look and greater storage space to keep bathing accessories.
  • Improve Ventilation – Improving ventilation is often one of more the neglected bathroom renovation ideas but it can make a surprising amount of difference to your enjoyment of the space. The critical factor here is where the duct to the outside will run: between joists in the ceiling? Through the attic? It absolutely must exit to the outside, not just into the attic.
  • Size your fan so it’s big enough for the room, but not too big; quiet; and consider installing a timer so the fan doesn’t accidentally get left on for hours. I f you have major moisture problems in the bath (or family that doesn’t turn the fan on) you can hook the fan to a humidistat which measures moisture in the air and automatically turns on the fan whenever needed.
  • Tile your wall and floor – Using tiles for flooring and walls will be little expensive but it will totally change your bathroom. You can choose tiles that match with the color of the wall. Different types of tiles should be used for floor and walls. Glass tiles are better option to decorate the surroundings of your mirror and cabinets. Steel mosaics are the latest trends in bathroom tiles.

Decorate Your Bathroom Ideas


When you renovate the bathroom, replacing old components with new ones is necessary. But metal taps and glass can regain their shining by washing them in cleaning solutions. You can give a good appearance to tiles by cleaning them properly.

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