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How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

Your first day as husband and wife… After all the stress that a wedding can create, it is essential that your honeymoon allow for relaxation, romance and fun. Your honeymoon should be stress free, from the beginning to the end. Your honeymoon is not an afterthought, it’s the beginning of our new life together. For […]

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Travel to Mongolia

Welcome to the Land of Ghengis Khan…and Fermented Mare’s Milk Whether you’re careening along the treacherous potholed roads of the country side in search of Genghis Khan’s burial site, or laying under the desert sky of the vast expanse called The Gobi or sitting in a traditional yurt drinking salt tea and exchanging yarns with […]

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The Basilica Cistern of Istanbul

The Basilica Cistern is the largest of hundreds of ancient water cisterns that were built beneath the city of Istanbul, Turkey. In the Turkish language, the Basilica Cistern is called either Yarebatan Sarnici which translates to the “sunken cistern” or sometimes as Yarebatan Sarayi which translates to “sunken palace”. Yerebatan Sarayi – the Sunken Palace […]

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My Life In Taiwan

Why Taiwan? I first moved to Taiwan in 1998 and intended on staying for one, possibly two years. Obviously, I have overstayed and stayed until 2003. Originally I chose Taiwan because my brother had married a Taiwanese girl and while touring the small Island for their wedding, I fell in love with the place. My […]

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