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4 Steps To A Dreamy Bedroom

The bedroom is the one room in the house that should provide a calming, inviting atmosphere. We often seek comfort at the end of the day by relaxing in our bedrooms. There are a few steps, some smaller than others, that can help create a bedroom sanctuary that exudes a calm and inviting feel.


The bed is one of the largest pieces of furniture in a bedroom. As a result, the bed often serves as the focal point in the bedroom. Selecting a certain style bed can play a huge role on the bedroom décor. If you are partial to the dramatic look, an oversized headboard is the right ticket. Most oversized headboards cover almost the entire wall and usually feature fabric, textures or an intricate design. If you are looking to incorporate texture(s) in your bedroom, a fabric or textured headboard is a wonderful place to start.

Headboards range in price. If you desire a simple, tufted headboard, it is possible to find a headboard for a couple of hundred dollars. If you desire a larger more dramatic headboard, the price may increase “dramatically”.

Inspiration For Your Bedroom


Change Bedding

A very inexpensive option to change the overall look of your bedroom is your bedding. Changing out your bedding ensemble, pillows and sheets can make a drastic difference on the bedroom. If your current bedding is light or neutral colored, consider rich jewel tones. When selecting pillows for your bed, do not forget about textured pillows and various sizes and shapes, these pillows can definitely play up a very basic bedding ensemble.

Bedroom Inspirations


Seating Area

If you are a reader like myself, bedroom seating is a must! Adding a stylish chair or chaise lounge adds a separate reading area to your bedroom. While it is possible to read in the family room or kitchen, retiring to read a book in the privacy of your bedroom is the ultimate form of relaxation.

Paint or Wall Paper

The wall color of a room definitely plays a role in the overall feel of the room. If you desire a light, airy space, consider lighter wall colors. If you desire a romantic or dramatic effect, stick with rich, darker tones. When selecting wall color or coverings for your bedroom, remember paint is not the only option.

Remodel And Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom


While traditional wallpaper seems to be a pain to hang and remove, modern temporary wall paper is definitely a winner in the books of many professional interior designers. Temporary wallpaper also lends versatility to your bedroom decorating. This wallpaper can easily be removed and replaced while rooms decorated with painted walls require a little more work.

If you are looking for a creative or unique look, consider a bold accent wall or perhaps decorative painting. There are several options for bedroom wall decorating to add style and personality to a bedroom.

Transforming a bedroom to a sanctuary can be as simple as changing your bedding or as complex as purchasing all new furniture. There are many options for homeowners looking to tackle this task. If you were transforming your bedroom to a sanctuary, what would be your starting point?

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